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Football Fans In Training (FITT)

After the huge success of our last FFIT programme the club are delighted to announce that the popular project has returned. The programme is open to both men and women and is aimed at men with a trouser waist of 38 or over. The first year of Scottish Football Clubs involvement delivered a total weight loss of 2.3 tonnes and a total waist reduction of 2400cm.

The club launched the first session of the very successful Football Fans in Training programme in partnership with the SPFL Trust, Scottish Government and the local Safe and Healthy Action Partnership (SHAP). The 12 week programme aimed to improve men’s health and wellbeing. The first programme consisted of 24 attendees aged between 45 and 75 and resulted in a collective weight loss of 27 stone and 182 cm around their waist.

Men interested in joining can register on Thursday Jan 21st and women can register on Friday January 22nd, both registrations will take place at 5:30 within the clubhouse. Alternatively you can email or telephone 07704223564 for further information.

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