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Player Sponsorship-Max Wright

Many thanks to ELTA Driving School and owner Malcolm McEwan for his sponsorship of Max Wrights home strip for the 2018/19 season. 

If you would like to sponsor a player and support the club then for £100 + Vat you could a players home or away shirt yourself or to advertise a business. Included with this will be hospitality at an SPFL home league game next season as well as match-day advertising for yourself or business.

Signed up for next season are:

Peter Murphy: Addaction-Dumfries
Aidan Smith: Home Sponsor- Braveheart. Away Sponsor- Addaction-Dumfries
Scott Hooper: Home Sponsor-George Armstrong. Away Sponsor- Dumfries Tool Room Ltd (William Green)
Peter Watson: Home Sponsor-Ross Johnstone Joinery Contractor. Away Sponsor- Hardip Atwal Graham Smith

Steven Swinglehurst: Home Sponsor-Foxs Taxi (George Fox). Away Sponsor-Edinburgh AAFC Supporters Club (Jim and Graeme Byers)
Alex Mitchell: Home Sponsor-Powerchange UK (Angus Morrison).
Jack Brannan: Home Sponsor-The Royal Bar, Lockerbie (Craig Glendinning)
Ryan Sinnamon: Home and Away Sponsor-Philip and Irene Jones. 

Ayrton Sonkur: Home and Away Sponsor- Alan and Joyce Irving
Owen Moxon: Home Sponsor- Dumfries Tool Room Ltd (William Green)
Scott Roberts: Home Sponsor- Brenda Grossart. 

James Creaney: Home and Away Sponsor- Comm Travel (Matt and Lisa Hogg)

David Wilson: Away Sponsor-Alan and Joyce Irving

Chris Johnston: Away Sponsor-Alan and Joyce Irving

Tommy Muir: Home Sponsor-Sharon and Mark Powers.  Away Sponsor-Alpha Powder Coatings.

Max Wright: Home Sponsor-ELTA Driving School (Malcolm McEwan)

Tony Wallace: Away Sponsor-Alan and Joyce Irving

Ross Ferguson:

If you’d like to sponsor a player then please contact Neil at or you can message our Facebook/Twitter pages.

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