As a fan owned and community club, open to everyone, the Board of Directors are keen to ensure that all supporters, players and officials do not engage in any form of unacceptable conduct. That is, conduct which is violent or disorderly.

Unacceptable conduct is conduct which is violent, disorderly, or impacts on safety and includes any use or attempted use of any pyrotechnic device.

Violent conduct includes any actual, attempted or threatened physical violence against any person, or intentional damage to property.

Disorderly conduct includes any conduct which may intimidate or frighten any individual or group of people including our opponents, match officials, opposition fans, our own staff, stewards and office bearers.

Conduct which stirs up or sustains, or is likely or is designed to stir up or sustain hatred or ill will against or towards individuals or groups of people because of:

  • Gender,
  • Age
  • Colour, Race, Nationality, or Ethnic or National Origin,
  • Membership or presumed membership of a religious group or of a social or cultural group with perceived religious affiliation,
  • Sexual orientation
  • Transgender identity
  • Disability
  • Using threatening, abusive or insulting words or conduct
  • Displaying writing or any other thing which is threatening, abusive or insulting

The use of any pyrotechnic device is forbidden as their use is not only illegal but dangerous and threatening to the safety of those in the vicinity. The criminal aspect for the use of such devices not only carries hefty monetary penalties but also carries terms of imprisonment.

There are restrictions on flags and banners which may be brought into the stadium:

  • Small flags with a pole or cane no longer than 1 metre are acceptable. Pipes may not be used with flags.
  • Large flags must have a fire safety certificate attached. They will be checked by stewards who will advise where they can be displayed. They will not be allowed in seated areas
  • Surfing flags are not permitted in the stadium
  • Banners or flags which contain offensive, criminal or other offensive material will not be accepted

Search procedures may be operated by the Club at Galabank, those entering the ground are deemed to have agreed to be the subject to such searches and that items may be confiscated during such a search.

Any person engaging in unacceptable conduct may be subject to any or a combination of the following:

  • Removal from the Stadium,
  • Suspension from attending matches or events involving Annan Athletic Football Club including travel on official supporters’ coaches
  • Indefinite ban from attending matches or events involving Annan Athletic Football Club
  • Report to the police and possible criminal proceedings.
  • Their details will be shared with Police Scotland, our Stewards and other clubs we play against.

Whilst it is appreciated that behaviour such as that listed above involves the minority of individuals in our society, the club wishes to ensure that we continue to maintain the highest standards both on and off the field of play and that the name ‘Annan Athletic’ is associated with sporting behaviour at all times.

Document updated December 2019

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